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    Do You Owe Medical Bills

    In todays' world healthcare is confusing (hospital bills, doctor billing, insurance billings, high Emergency Room billing and simply trying to figure out how to pay medical bills). 

    Medical costs continue to rise and that is why Medgotiate® is a medical bill advocate as a medical bill discount negotiator. 

    No upfront cost for us to review your bills. 

    • If you are wondering how to pay medical bills and would like to reduce those costs.
    • Your insurance paid a portion of the bill now you are left with your portion to pay out of your own pocket. 
    • Is your deductible high. 
    • Medgotiate charges nothing up front to review your bills. Why not use the Medgotiate Medical Bill Negotiator service when our staff does this on a routine basis and has done negotiating for years with medical providers.
    • How much do you currently owe? Are you handling your parents medical bills, what about your children, what about out of state college students, and obviously your own medical bills you are responsible to pay.        


     "Medgotiate's medical bill advocate service could offer peace of mind and is only a discussion away" 

    Our medical bill negotiators have negotiated up to 70%* savings. Daily news is talking about the hidden medical costs. 

    You came to our website to investigate who we are and what we do. 

    Now is your chance to find out and discuss with us how we can be an advocate for you.


     "Nationwide Servicing & Coverage for Bill Review and more" 

    • There is no up front cost to you for all the pre-work we do including your bill review, bill analysis, provider proposal preparation, monitor status, keep you informed of paperwork completion, ask the Provider to sign a settlement agreement and interfacing with the provider and/or collection company.        


    "Once We Negotiate A Discount For You"

    • Part of our service is asking the Provider to sign a settlement agreement agreeing to a new medical bill settlement. 
    • Once we are successful in negotiating a discount on the bill, our fee is simply a success fee of a small percentage of twenty (20) percent of just the "saved portion". That's right, Just the saved portion. A win for you to save money.

    Example of Saving Money Using A Medical Bill Advocate who is a Medical Bill Negotiator Like Medgotiate

    Your original bill is $2,000, hypothetically negotiated to a settlement* of $1,000 accepted by the provider. $1,000 which you pay the provider.

    Medgotiate earns a success fee of 20% from you of the $1,000 "saved portion" or $200. 

    In this scenario you pay $1,200 instead of $2,000.

    An $800 saving

    Why would you not want your medical bill(s) reviewed and negotiated. 

    "With no up front cost and a company willing to spend the time working for you is a rare combination"

    A company that earns nothing until it negotiates a successful provider settlement -

    "Is an easy decision in becoming a Medgotiate Client"

    You probably never considered having someone negotiate medical bills. But in life we negotiate just about everything. You use a realtor to negotiate buying a house, sports and entertainers use someone to negotiate for them, you use a car salesperson in the negotiating process.  

    Have Medgotiate be your medical bill negotiator.

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    * settlement percentages vary predicated on the medical provider or collection company acceptance and approval. 

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    Experience Counts!

    The Medgotiate staff has saved over $100 million dollars during the past 15 years, in the medical bill industry. Dealing with over

    10,000 providers (hospitals, doctors, clinics, labs, tests, surgery centers, sports injuries, physical therapy, chiropractic services, specialized testing "chromosome testing", Psychological expenses and more).  

    Did you or a family member go to the hospital emergency room with the flu?  Did the insurance turn the claim down as not emergent and now the patient has to pay the whole bill?  Insurance companies are looking at these claims carefully. They may feel these were services better cared for by an Urgent Care facility or clinic and would cost the insurance company much less.

    The question to ask yourself is how do I lower my medical bills. Medgotiate is the insurance claim advocate helping to answer that question. This is our speciality, let us help you.

    If you are planning an upcoming surgery, not covered by your insurance, we can pre-negotiate the cost amount given to you by the facility. 

    Why you should use the Medgotiate Medical Bill Negotiating Service!

    Professional medical bill negotiators such as the Medgotiate staff, know what kind of discounts or reductions to ask a Provider for.  Medical bill charges can be confusing for the general public.  

    Negotiating when done professionally and respectfully, does not cause the patient any issues with the doctor or medical provider. Keep in mind Medical providers have received negotiation requests from insurance companies before.

    Another important point to pay attention to: 

    What if you personally negotiate a medical bill. The problem that may occur is the provider may change billing personnel or services after the negotiation is completed. The new service then conducts audits which are typically done to get monies owed the Provider. If a signed settlement letter is not secured the new service may come back to the patient for the balance of the money. 

    That is why Medgotiate secures a settlement letter when completing a negotiation.

    * Partial List of Healthcare/Medical Bills We Negotiate


    Emergency Room




    Surgery Center 

    Lab (Laboratories)


    Skilled Nursing Facilities 

    Chemical Dependency Program 

    Eating Disorder Program 

    Long Term Acute Care 

    Cancer Treatment 

    Gastric Bypass 


    Sports related injuries 

    Unexpected surgeries 

    Physical Therapy 

    Chiropractic services 

    and more...........


    One of our medical bill negotiators will contact you.