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What if your medical services such as Sports Injuries, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic and much more, are not covered by insurance?

Do you have high insurance deductibles? 

Want to see a specialist 

Go to a healthcare facility not covered by your insurance plan 

Have you considered negotiating the cost before surgical procedures?

High deductibles means YOU still have to pay the bill.

Do you know what your insurance covers?

Do you understand your coverage and benefits?

Don’t assume lab test or procedures are covered. Many Doctors conduct lab tests in their office. Before you use the doctor’s lab, check to see if your insurance may cover a local lab in your area.

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Are You Paying Your Medical Bills Without Investigating How To Lower Those Bills?

We negotiate your hospital bills, medical test labs, doctor billing, medical laboratories plus more. 

Are you confused by what is going on with the healthcare issues?

Do you receive medical bills and don’t know if your insurance has paid anything on that bill? You then pay the total amount. You are then owed money back but never receive it. Unless you check you probably will never know.

Have you been double billed?

Can Medical Bills Be Negotiated?

    Here is a chance to ask about your healthcare situation. 

If you owe bills for medical services then why not seek to reduce those bills when there is no upfront cost to you. 

Some services and tests require a pre-authorization from the insurance company. If your doctor did not attain one, NOW WHAT?

Medgotiate works on a success basis which means someone is working hard for you.

Ask your questions. Just provide your name, email address and your message above.